Our Client Stories

John on CNBC

Being a global macro proprietary trader seeking to discover alpha in a 24-hour market necessitates sharp instincts, calm confidence, and steadfast objectivity. Nazy's Platinum Private Mentor Program ensures not only accountability in accomplishing my investment goals, but a balanced lifestyle that transcends trading. With Nazy's guidance, I have not only achieved record personal profits since working with her, but have seen all aspects of my life flourish.

I live an adventurous bi-coastal lifestyle with a beautiful home in Las Vegas and a spacious Manhattan apartment overlooking Columbus Circle. I regularly speak at institutional conferences, presenting on behalf of market exchanges like CME Group and Eurex. I appear on major financial news television stations such as Bloomberg and CNBC, and now co-host a national radio show.

Nazy has encouraged me to share my experience and has inspired me to write two books, one on trading and the other on enhancing our own attraction. All of this while achieving record profits in my trading account with lower historical drawdowns than I have ever experienced.

Nazy's storied Wall Street risk management pedigree combined with her strong intuitive sense of people has made her an indispensable asset to M3 Capital and our clients. Nazy has the innate ability to focus me when I'm distracted, ease my stress when I'm too intense, hold me accountable when I drift, and most importantly keep me humble in a much more psychologically and economically prudent manner than if the market performed the same service.

Quite simply... Nazy Massoud is the gold standard of trading coaches.

John Netto President
M3 Capital, LLC

I must thank you. You see, although I have a trading strategy which over a couple of weeks produces massive profits, the volatility is so great that my personality cannot take it. I've tried to overcome it, but it's really no use.

From your email I have adjusted my strategy to stop for the day after reaching a set profit target – and after recalculating over 175 days, I've been able to cut down the standard deviation by 70%.

So, thank you for my missing link.

B. P., Trader

I went from $100K to $550K in 12 months!

Being part of your Platinum program was one of the best things I have ever done. I could’ve not done it without you!

Thank you Nazy!

A. J., Independent Trader

As a result of working with Nazy, I stopped 2 big problems; overtrading and large losses. My ratio of winning to losing trades improved so much; 3:1.

I learned how to accept small losses. Actually, I do have a good time 90% of the days, regardless of the results.

In a nut shell, it helped me to focus well on everything that is important; my objectives, trading strategies. Every day things became clearer, easier and less stressful. Best of all, I enjoy trading.

Hussam AbuSuud, Trader
Madrid, Spain

Just a few lines to thank you for everything you have done for my trading. I can't tell you enough that if it wasn't for you, I would not be trading at all at this time. Your sound, disciplined approach keeps me most of the time on the right side of the market. This has caused a huge boost to my confidence and to my consistency in generating profits.

S. M., Vice President
Salomon Smith Barney

I contacted Nazy at a period I was feeling depressed because my trading results were really disappointing. Everything seemed not working, I was losing money, I didn't know what to do. And then, everything changed...for the better. You told me to relax, you pointed out some really important points in my behavior. You have been a real inspiration to me...

After a few days of communicating with you, things seemed to change. I was the same person, I was doing the same things, but all of a sudden things were going better. I gradually regained my self-esteem and my trust in myself and what I was doing. I started to make a lot more money…

Your help and advice are invaluable. I felt the difference from the first few words...

Again, I want to tell you how grateful I am to you...

Andreas A., Trader
Athens, Greece

Thanks for your consistency and professionalism. Nazy provided me with pointers and insight regarding trading I had not considered before. Once again, thanks.

Kerwin Wells, Trader

Simply put—Insightful, inspiring, intelligent but most of all intuitive. Nazy read me like a book. She doesn't finish with a talk but a firm course of action. Money well worth spending!!!

J. S., Vice President

Thanks to Nazy, over the past month I have been making significant improvements to my trading. In one instance, I was able to overcome analysis-paralysis and made 40% over two days.

P. B., Trader

From 1991-2003 I traded within my TSA...only mutual funds/indexes...and realized a 4,500% gain! … I hit a 3 year hard patch where I just wasn't making the same $$ I used to do...easily! Thanks for your insights....they’ve really helped me get back on track.

P. F., Trader

Thank you, Nazy. I am trading more consistently and making money. I wish I ran into you years ago…

J. P., Trader

I really want to say thanks for everything that I have learned from You. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH I HAVE IMPROVED! Thanks Nazy. My wife thanks you also.

F. M., Vice President Goldman

Nazy’s holding my hand resulted in my gaining millions of dollars.

To say that Nazy “coaches” is an understatement! There is no one who does what she does! She is second to none!

I asked Nazy for "help" – what she gave me was over 1000%: holding my hand resulted in my gaining millions of dollars.

My cost: peanuts!

I could never have done this without a person who possesses the skills, discipline, AND care of Nazy. She has the uncanny ability to hear what you really need as opposed to merely responding to what you ask for.

With these kinds of margins, I would be foolish to not seek Nazy's help. She's unbelievable! You have to try it for yourself to know what I'm talking about.

M. H. Managing Partner
Wall Street Firm

Nazy was fantastic and put a lot of things into perspective.

S. M., Managing Director
Standard & Poor's

If you’d like to 'shortcut' the path to living a life of your dreams, I highly recommend talking to Nazy and developing your Mental Edge.

In the past, it has been easy for me to get caught up in the challenges I experience every day and to not live my vision. Nazy has been able to create a systematic coaching program that has condensed and accelerated my growth to a completely new level and skyrocketed my income!!!

T. W., Managing Director
Wall Street Firm

I was extremely impressed with Nazy’s management skills and initiative. She brought just the right combination of skills. I knew from the start that I could count on Nazy’s professionalism and commitment to get the job done. But the best part was she did all this while maintaining a characteristically cheerful and positive attitude that communicated itself to the entire team.

H. Porter Eubank, Partner
Vona Information Systems

Nazy added exceptional value by constructing and managing a long-term project plan, analyzing and solving both business and technical problems, and build and maintaining solid relationships. The project was a tremendous success by any standard.

K. W., Vice President
Citigroup Asset Management

Today was a wonderful day to be a trader… All in all I took my account 22% up. I could have not done this without your support and understanding.

Before attending the CBYP Program, I faced 3 challenges:

  1. I was not sure what methodology to trade base on the type of trader I wanted to become.
  2. Not running it as a business (by not doing so) I was not giving it the level of importance and attention it deserved – "commitment".
  3. What issues lay within myself (fear, uncertainties, pressures etc) that caused me to hold back and move beyond to the next level.

After attending the CBYP program, I had

  1. Sense of purpose! Why I am taking up trading?.
  2. Step-by-step, mental plan before, during, and after trading.
  3. No need to be so hard on myself. It is a journey...

I feel Excellent. If I have a bad day or a good day I can celebrate, I know tomorrow there would be another opportunity. And most important the course has given me the tools and those tips pros uses when trading.

Angel Salgado, Trader

I have worked on Wall Street for many years and when it comes to trading, if you are not consistently winning in your trading, Nazy will help you find out why and work with you until you are. This service is exceptional and first rate. If you are serious about your trading, you can't afford not to sign up.

M. W., Managing Director
Wall Street Firm

Having a trading plan in place has enabled me to be better organized, more productive and more confident. I was amazed at the impact on my bottom line

Jacek, Trader

Nazy has an uncanny ability to pick apart the weak areas of your personal state, identify them for you and then provide simple yet powerful exercises in which to correct those negative areas and turn them around to positive building blocks for a successful life.

Paul D. Ierna, President
Ierna Capital Management

Thanks to your insights I have been able to turn a losing futures account into my most valuable asset and most powerful income generator. More importantly, you have given me hope for the future I want and can actually now achieve.

I wake up every trading day exited and ready to go. I ask myself, “I wonder how much money I am going to make today?” Before I discovered you, I would ask myself, “how am I going to make up for the losses I will undoubtedly suffer today?” Often, I think of how lucky I am to have discovered you. My only regret is not having found you years ago – that would have spared me much grief and suffering – and money!!! Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to working with you for years to come.

A. R., Trader

From one insider to another… No one knows it better, or does it better, than Nazy Massoud.

A. M., Managing Director
JP Morgan

… I didn’t have that problem on Tuesday and I have to give credit to a session I had with Nazy Massoud (Mental Edge Trading) … 30-mins one-on-one session… Her advice helped tremendously (or in Australian terms helped heaps!).

Ray Barros, Trader

After attending the CBYP program, I have found that it helps me to setup a road map for my mindset. I can see clearly which areas need improvement and work on. Also, it provides some methods to recalibrate our belief systems. With the new belief system, I believe I can run a more successful trading business.

I feel that I can be more focused on my trading and not wasting time in searching for the answer, so that I can be more effective in managing my trading business.

Erica Ip, Trader

I can’t believe it. I reduced my overtrading, and as a result, In 2 weeks, I doubled my productivity and doubled my profits. Nazy, I couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you!

T. G., Independent Trader

For the first time in my life I fully believe in my trading business and I am up 30% in less than 2 months!

I am thankful to have found Nazy. As I started working with her, I started to become more confident in myself and I adjusted my trading so it suits me. Her insights were invaluable and her encouragement was heartwarming and unconditional. What this did was changed my state from doubt, fear and worries to believing in myself! I created the means to create consistency in my trading… Exciting things are happening. I am very happy with my progress.

Thank you Nazy!

Allen Davis, Trader