Case Study: Cultural Communication Gap

By bridging the cultural communication gap and developing your “Mental Edge”, you can save time, increase productivity and revenues.

Imagine you have an employee who is very smart, and he/she is technically very strong. However, when you talk with this person it seems that you can’t get through to him/her. To you, it seems that he/she lacks initiative and you are not sure why he/she is not seeing your point of view. You are getting more and more frustrated to the point that you want to fire this employee. However, part of you does not want to do that because you have spent time, energy and money on this person and believe in his/her technical capabilities. Does this sound familiar?

With our world becoming flat, and with more mergers and acquisitions, the cultural gap is becoming more and more evident. If we define culture as how things are done in a region, company, a department or even a group, we can notice that each have their own unique way of handling things.

By understanding each others’ culture and developing your “Mental Edge”, you can communicate better and thus save time, money and energy.

Let me give you an example. When there is a communication gap, you spend more time explaining things in meetings or by emails. You put more time in and get fewer results.

Projects seem to be delayed or even worse, you are missing great opportunities. You and your employees become more and more frustrated, you get less productivity and you might have higher turnover.

How much does it cost the company? If employees waste 2 hrs a day, it is costing you 25% in terms of productivity alone. How much is it costing you in terms of generating revenue?

As a leader, you can see that there is a lot more untapped opportunity in each person. The good news is by developing your “Mental Edge”, you can tap into the intrinsic value in each person so it won’t cost you any additional money and you are generating more revenues.

By developing your “Mental Edge”, you learn:

Turnover has it’s own cost. For each new person, conservatively from the time you have a mandate to fill the position to the time this new person becomes productive, is at least 2 months. You can imagine if you do not develop your “Mental Edge” how much that would cost you by starting all over again!

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Nazy was fantastic and put a lot of things into perspective.

S.M., Managing Director
Standard & Poor's

Simply put—Insightful, inspiring, intelligent but most of all intuitive. Nazy read me like a book. She doesn't finish with a talk but a firm course of action. Money well worth spending!!!

J.S., Vice President