About Nazy Massoud

Give me 30 minutes and I'll show you the number one blind spot that stops you from having the trading business and lifestyle that you desire.

Nazy teaches her clients a 4-step High Impact system to Rapidly Boost their Profits and reducing their stress. Most of her clients have increased their profits by at least 37% in less than 6 months. A platinum client went from $100K to $550K in 12 months!

Nazy Massoud

Nazy Massoud is the founder of Mental Edge Trading, Inc. and an expert in Human Capital Risk.

After 15+ years working on Wall Street on the trading floors of such financial giants as Morgan Stanley, Bankers Trust, UBS, Chase Manhattan Bank, and JP Morgan, she is now putting her experience to use by training traders of all levels on the little-known insider secrets behind achieving and maintaining the success of the top 5% of traders!

What differentiates the top 5% of traders from all the others is the consistent way they harness their attitude and manage their risks.

Using her experience as a Business Analyst, Strategist, and Project and Risk Manager for some of the biggest clients and portfolios in the world, Nazy shows you how to develop the Mental Edge necessary to uncover your blind spots and win in the game of trading!

With Nazy’s diverse background and unique gift for making the complicated simple, she identifies your challenges and develops an action plan for you to get the results you want.

Combining her quantitative skills on the risk management side with her qualitative skills as an emotional intelligence and trading coach, Nazy shows you how to tackle and measure the Qualitative Risk of the market and develop the Mental Edge required to manage the risk and overcome the challenges that are costing you money.

Nazy has created Consistently Boost Your Profits and the 30–Day Trading Success Blueprint, as well as a number of cutting-edge group and individual mentoring programs. These programs address the dynamic needs of active traders and investors in today’s market. They enable you to create the Mental Edge that will guide you to eliminate the yo-yo effect, overtrading and big losses, break through the trading plateau, reduce stress, make trading fun again, and consistently increase your profits under any market conditions.