Case Study:
Art Of Raising Capital From Asia and the Middle Eastern Regions

Where the Money is?

Source: Merrill Lynch and Capgemini

The fastest growing regions for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI’s) are emerging economies. Are you ready to deal with Middle Eastern and Asian HNWI’s?

Do you believe you know their cultural behaviors? Do you know their norms and customs of doing business? Do you know how to approach them?

By way of examples, a US high power person after months of trying finally got a meeting with a high ranking individual in Asia. The meeting only lasted a few minutes. From the Asian perspective, it was a disaster. The US individual had no clue that it was a disaster from the get go…

What happened was the US person did not understand the culture and did not follow the appropriate protocol upon entering the meeting. The Asian person, who was very insulted, came up with an excuse and postponed the meeting which never happened again. The US person lost the opportunity for raising millions of dollars without even having a clue as to why.

Another example is a meeting with a high net worth Middle Eastern investor. The meeting was very cordial, polite and hospitable. The meeting lasted over an hour. From the vantage point of the Middle Eastern investor, he was not interested in the investment proposition; while the US executive was under the strong impression that the meeting went well and the deal was in the bag…months later, the US executive continues to invest time and money on this investor, losing other opportunities.

Have you heard of similar scenarios before? Are you prepared for these situations?

If you do not develop a “Mental Edge” it is going to cost you:

These situations easily could be prevented if you are prepared and develop your “Mental Edge”. By doing so, you know:

When raising capital from emerging market regions, preparing and developing your “Mental Edge” is the differentiator to your success.

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