The 5 Major Reasons People Do Not Reach Their Dreams

How many of you have set the new years resolution and have already forgotten about it, or you know someone who has?

How many of you know the people who talk about their dreams and goals and never follow through?

Well, there are 5 major reasons that people do not get the results that they say they want:

  1. Clarity
    They are not clear about what it is that they want. They sort of know it, or they think that they know it, but they have never really taken the time to figure it out.
  2. Fear & Doubt:
    they are afraid of taking action and they doubt that they can succeed. Their fears of rejection and failure come up for them.
  3. Staying in Their Comfort Zone!
    Usually, people do not like to change, and they perceive the unknown to be the bigger challenge than their current situation. Therefore, they are taking less and less risk.
  4. Procrastinating:
    People usually take time for granted and think that they have all the time in the world. What if they do not? Tomorrow is promised to no one!!!
  5. Quitting at the 70, 80 or 90 yard line:
    Lots of times, when the things get tough, people quit instead of going forward. Moreover, they quit just before the finish line!!! Then they say to themselves and others, this could've not been done.

What can people do to get the results that they want?

  1. Be clear about what they truly want. It is not about what they think, they should do or what they think, others expect from them.
  2. Take small actions toward their goals and dreams and create the momentum to achieve them.
  3. Increase their comfort zone, by making small changes in their lives.
  4. When they face challenges, remember why they wanted their goals to begin with.
  5. Remember that it is a journey and enjoy the journey!!!

"At first, something seems impossible. Then it becomes improbable. But with enough conviction and support, it finally becomes inevitable."
Christopher Reeves

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