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Taking Decisive Actions

How many times have you looked at a trade and analyzed it?

Even worse, after placing the order, you started doubting yourself and asking what if questions?

Do these sound familiar? If so, you are not alone…

When you start doubting yourself, your attention is taken away from the market and you are not in your “trading zone”.

When you start focusing on the market, then you can be in your zone and manage your positions better.

I was watching a scientific experiment. There were 2 glasses filled with drinks on top of 2 stools a few feet apart. A stick was on top of the 2 glasses. The experimenter said, If you hesitate in breaking the stick, you are going to break the glasses and create a mess.

However, when you take a decisive and fast action in breaking the stick, the glasses are unharmed and you can enjoy your drink.

How are you dealing with your trades?

Here is to making success your habit….

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  1. Hey admin. I have a tiny request. I was just googleing for some info on this topic and found this post. Some really nice stuff you wrote here. Can I please link to this post on my new website I am working on? Please :) I will check back again later to see how you responded. Regards, Kristine Allen .

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