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How Your Little Voice Impacts Your Results

If you say, what little voice? that is the one.

Have you noticed that when you want to do things, there is a voice of fear that wants you to stop doing what you want?

Then there is another one that tells you it is OK to go ahead and do what you want to do.

Which one do you normally listen to?

Both voices have their valid places. The fear stops you from hurting yourself. However, is it stopping you from achieving your highest potential?

I was attending a seminar and one of the speakers was talking about the ‘Latte Effect’. She mentioned that she was tired of people saying, don’t buy your Latte and save the money. She said a better question is, what can I do to afford the Latte?

What does this have to do with trading?

If you concentrate on your losses, then you are decreasing the probability of your wins on the next trade.

However, when you focus on the potentials, you are increasing the probabilities of your wins!!!

Here is to making success your habit….

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