The question I get asked most often is:

"Why are some traders so incredibly successful, regardless of the ups and downs of the market? What's their secret?"

There is no secret. These super confident, top-earning traders have simply made "successful trading" a habit.

And you can, too… if you invest just 14 minutes of your time each day for the next 30 days.

Let me explain…

Dear Traders and Investors...

While shooting a television commercial a few years ago, Michael Jordon was asked to miss a shot at the basket. (It was in the script.)

Simple enough.

Yet the NBA superstar had to make 15 attempts before he succeeded… in failing! One shot after the other went into the hoop, much to the annoyance of the director.

Michael tried to miss. He really did. But he had made "successful shooting" such an ingrained habit that it was a difficult one for him to break, even when he wanted to.

(No wonder success seems to come so easily to him!)

Now, imagine if "successful trading" was YOUR habit! Something that came easily and automatically to you day after day, week after week. What would be the impact on your income? Your confidence? Your lifestyle?

You know the answers.

In fact, that's the difference between traders who make a lot of money - and really enjoy their lives, and those who struggle to make a profit - and are unsatisfied. Everyone has access to the same news, the same numbers, the same strategies. But it's those traders who have trained their mind for success that consistently do well… and, indeed, become traders that others in the industry want to emulate.

How do you make "successful trading" a habit that comes easily and automatically to YOU?

It's simpler than you may think. In fact, you can be well on your way to becoming the confident, top-earning trader you always wanted to be - in just 30 days! - if you follow the right plan.

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How To Make It Happen

Did you know that even a minor mental barrier to successful trading can have a huge impact on your business?

Take, for example, the trader who bangs his hand on the desk every time a trade goes south. Chances are, he doesn't realize that seemingly innocuous behavior is reinforcing anger and frustration, powerful emotions that can increasingly make him reluctant to pull the trigger - even under winning conditions!

Managing his Emotional Risks, would not only make his day more enjoyable, but also increase his win record and income.

And that's just one behavioral tweak. Imagine if he made 30 such improvements over the course of a month.

Better habits equal less stress and MORE profits. It's the indisputable equation of trading success.

To create better habits, you need a simple way to:

  • Notice the challenges each day.
  • Detect the strategic and emotional patterns that are getting you the wins, and contributing to your losses.
  • Uncover the underlying reasons why you are not fulfilling your own expectations.
  • Overcome the mental barriers that are costing you lots of money.
  • Recalibrate your skills and strategies, and join the ranks of super traders.
  • Develop a “Mental Edge” to win the game of trading.
  • Gain advice and encouragement from an expert as you go through the process.

The 30-Day Trading Success Blueprint is designed specifically to help you do just that.

"Just a few lines to thank you for everything you have done for my trading. I can’t tell you enough that if it wasn’t for you I would not be trading at all at this time. Your sound, disciplined approach keep me most of the time on the right side of the market. This has caused a huge boost to my confidence and to my consistency in generating profits."

S.M., Vice President
Solomon Brothers

"Nazy has an uncanny ability to pick apart the weak areas of your personal state, identify them for you and then provide simple yet powerful exercises in which to correct those negative areas and turn them around to positive building blocks for a successful life."

Paul D. Ierna, President
Ierna Capital Management

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How It Works

The 30-Day Trading Success Blueprint is very easy to follow. But don't be fooled by its apparent simplicity. The program is based on breakthrough psychological and performance principles that will create the "successful trading" habit for you in just 30 days.

When you download this blueprint today (that's right, you can get started right now!) you simply fill out the daily questionnaire and weekly review. It takes about 14 minutes per day. You can easily fit it in right after work. (Think of it as your mental workout, although it takes a lot less time than a trip to the gym!)

As you work through the program, you'll be learning how to manage your Emotional Risk and clearing away those bad habits that are holding you back from the success you deserve.

You'll also be reinforcing the strategic decisions, behaviors, thoughts and feelings that consistently lead to winning trades.

Gradually, all the factors that contribute to "successful trading" will become more and more of an ingrained habit. You'll find opportunities faster, win more often, dramatically increase your income and, perhaps more importantly, truly enjoy the rewards of your business.

Like Michael Jordon, it will become easier for you to win, and harder for you to lose.

”Thanks to your insights I have been able to turn a losing futures account into my most valuable asset and most powerful income generator. More importantly, you have given me hope for the future I want and can actually now achieve.”

A. R., Vice President
Standard & Poor's

"I really want to say thanks for everything that I have learned from You. I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH I HAVE IMPROVED! Thanks Nazy. My Wife thanks you also."

F.M., Vice President

What to Expect

To develop your "successful trading" habit, you need to accomplish two things:

  1. Recognize and clear sabotage patterns that are holding you back and,
  2. Identify the strategic decisions and “Mental Edge” that got you the wins so you can duplicate those successes – easily - again and again and again.

The 30-Day Trading Success Blueprint is the only program of its kind that will accomplish both these objectives for you.

But be advised. It is an accelerated program. Although the timetable is 30 days, most traders start seeing results within the first week or so. So don't be surprised if you rapidly:

  • Improve your track record of successful trades
  • Increase your income
  • Reduce, or even eliminate, stress, fear and anxiety
  • Enjoy the trading day a lot more
  • Become more confident in the moves you make
  • Make the right decisions faster
  • Recognize potential mistakes so you can avoid making them
  • Cut your losses sooner and let your winners run longer
  • Know when to put on the breaks so you don't overtrade
  • Become more disciplined and confident
  • Make more profits from your trades
  • Go home with a smile on your face more often.

These may seem like lofty outcomes, perhaps too good to be true. But these are exactly the kind of results participants achieve while working through this 30-day blueprint.

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Meet Nazy Massoud

Nazy Massoud

After 15+ years of working on Wall Street and being in the heart of action on the trading floor, and supporting such financial giants as Morgan Stanley, Bankers Trust, UBS, Chase Manhattan Bank and JP Morgan, I’m now putting my experience to use by training traders from all walks of life on little-known insider secrets about the “psychological triggers behind the BIG money”!

Using my hands-on experience as a Business Analyst, Strategist, Project and Risk Manager for some of the biggest clients and portfolios in the world, I can help you develop the mental edge necessary to winning in the game of trading.

Combining my quantitative skills working the risk management side with my qualitative skills as a trading advisor, I help you tackle the Emotional Risks of the market that are costing you money. This enables you to develop the confidence, discipline and mental edge required to master the market and become financially free!

FREE Bonus#1:
One-to-One Coaching Session With Me! ($250 Value)

This program is specifically designed to be easy-to-follow. You'll have no trouble working through it on your own.

However, when you have questions, need coaching on a particular issue, or just support and encouragement, I'm here to help.

The 30-Day Trading Success Blueprint includes a 30-Minute Coaching Session with me personally.

You may schedule that coaching session anytime during the next six months. Use it during the 30-day Trading Success Blueprint period, or as a follow-up to tweak and improve your "mental edge" later on.

Bring me your toughest issue or challenge. In just 30 minutes, I promise to provide you with customized insights and strategies that will have a dramatic impact on your business, income and life!

FREE Bonus#2:
The Top 3 Challenges That Hold Traders Back… And What You Can Do About It ($97 Value)

I encourage you to get started with the 30-Day Trading Success Blueprint today. The sooner you do, the sooner "successful trading" will become a habit for you.

To give you a gentle nudge - Hey, I am a coach! - I'm also including a FREE copy of my popular audio program and professional development manual: "The Top 3 Challenges That Hold Traders Back… And What You Can Do About It".

The regular price is $97. But I'll send it to you at no cost… with my compliments.

Read the manual or listen to the recording in your car or on your iPod and learn:

The Top 3 Trading Challenges That Hold Traders Back
  • A 9-step process for ending the First challenge once and for all.
  • An 8-step process for developing the skill of the second challenge.
  • The secret to how to develop your Mental Edge so you can make more money consistently.
  • And much more.

These are the same strategies my coaching clients use to significantly increase their incomes.

Both the audio program AND professional development manual are yours FREE when you download the 30-Day Trading Success Blueprint today.

"I asked Nazy for help -what she gave was over 1000%: holding my hand resulted in my gaining millions of dollars! She's unbelievable! You have to try it for yourself to know what I'm talking about."

M. H., Managing Partner
Wall Street Firm

"Simply put--Insightful, inspiring, intelligent but most of all intuitive. Nazy read me like a book. She doesn’t finish with a talk but a firm course of action. Money well worth spending!!!"

J.S., Vice President

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So Let's Review What You Get:

The 30-Day Trading Success Blueprint Includes:

30 Day Trading Success Blueprint
  • Complete instructions for completing the program.
  • 25 daily and 5 weekly questionnaires'. It is like having your personal coach with you to help direct your focus and get the best results in the shortest time.
  • FREE bonus #1: A 30-minute private coaching session with me. (A $250 value!)
  • FREE BONUS #2: A FREE copy of my popular audio program and professional development manual: 'The Top 3 Challenges That Hold Traders Back… And What You Can Do About It'. ($97 value)

Your investment, just $297.

Return on investment? That's a no-brainer! Just one successful trade can recover the cost of the program 10 times over!

Ready to Have Your Best Month Ever?

Let's face it. Some people have a good handle on their Emotional Risk that leads naturally to success.

The good news is, in just 30 days, you too can have a good handle on your Emotional Risk, and enjoy all the perks - the income, the satisfaction, the confidence - that comes with having that mental edge.

Why not make today "Day One" and get started right now?

Good luck in the markets,

Nazy Massoud
Mental Edge Trading

<<< Download the 30-Day Trading Success Blueprint >>>

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedP.S. Few investments are risk-free. But this one is. Here's my personal guarantee to you…

Try the 30-Day Trading Success Blueprint for one month.

Complete the entire program! If you feel it hasn't helped you to make better trades, feel more confident, and enjoy your business more, then just send me an email and I'll refund your money. No questions asked.